• $52.17

KiiPix Instant Photo Printer By Firebox

We’ve got to be real with you: instant cameras seem like a great idea but in reality, they’re unlikely to see much use. Why? They’re heavy, a pain to carry around with you everywhere and the batteries will die when you need them most – not to mention that the photos they produce aren’t that good. The pictures you mindlessly shoot on your phone are much better for a tiny fraction of the effort. 

Enter KiiPix, by far the easiest way to get retro-style printed versions of your smartphone snaps. Never waste pricey film on shoddy photos again! That sh*t is expensive. Simply open the camera, place your smartphone on the top with the photo you’d like to print on screen, press the shutter button, rotate the dial and you’ve got a physical copy of your photo to keep forever! It really couldn’t be simpler. When everyone else looks up from messing around with their fickle film cameras, they’ll be amazed when they spot your effortless faux-analog prowess. How do you get a perfect shot every time?! That’s for you to know and them to find out.