• $117.41

Nomad Wireless Charging Hub By Firebox

It doesn’t matter if you’re not at home right now, you know your phone charger has slipped off the side of the bedside table and onto the floor into the pile of other cables beneath. Don’t be a wiry goon, just pop your phone on this lovely sleek platform and be done with it. That’s it! Problem solved. No groping about for diddy chargers in the dark. It’s like something out of Black Mirror except it can’t be used to destroy the fabric of human relationships. But if you change your mind and fancy some old-fashioned cable action, you can pop open the matte rubber top and you’ll meet four friendly USB ports. Great! 

The Nomad even has clever LED lights that tell you what’s going on with your battery level. What’s so clever about these LED lights? Hold your damn sass, pal. We’re going to tell you. They intuitively dim at night thanks to the ambient light sensor. See, we said they were clever. We wouldn’t lie to you. Finally, you don’t have to be mad at cables NoMore, be Nomad instead! Not mad. You know what we’re getting at.