• $234.83

Nanoleaf Lighting Panels By Firebox

Nanoleaf Lighting Panels will bring a little style to the proceedings – fusing tactile geometric wall art with personalised ambient lighting. The nine sleek, triangular light panels can be connected and arranged into just about any shape you desire; as soon as you’ve mounted them on the wall the real fun can begin. The base station broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal and once paired with the free Apple and Android app, it will automatically identify the layout of your panels and display it on your phone or tablet. Within the app you can you can set each panel to show one of 16 million colours, automate lighting events, or cycle through a series of mesmeric light animations. Schedule the lighting system to wake you up with a soothing sunrise simulation, dim the lights into a calming blue palette to relax your mood, or bathe the room in some gently pulsing red hues for a romantic evening in – why not? Nanoleaf Lighting Panels have turned smart lightning into a way to express yourself and create moments that genuinely enhance and compliment your lifestyle.