• $79

Trooss Smart USB-C Charging Hub With Wireless Charging Compatible For Phone Or Apple Watch

Trooss is an USB-C hub developed with a special technology that allows you to charge any Qi standard wireless charging compatible phone or Apple Watch wirelessly in one place.

Trooss features a full array of seven ports ranging from 1 x HDMI with support for 4K@30Hz, 2 x USB 3.1 (USB-A) ports for your standard USB accessories, 1 x Micro SD and SD Card Readers and 2 x USB-C ports, one with support for Thunderbolt 3 with up to 100W of Power Delivery for charging your laptop and one for data transmission with up to 10 Gb/s data speed.

Trooss also comes with a long USB-C cable extension to connect the hub to your iPad Pro or any type of laptops & USB-C enabled devices while keeping your desk organized.

Compact with a very small footprint for ease of use on a desk at home or office to charge or connect multiple peripherals, at the same time it is portable enough to take it with you wherever you go for travelling purposes.

Trooss uses the latest Power Delivery (PD 3.0) specifications, that lets you charge your MacBook or other USB-C enabled devices with up to 100W of power. It also supports data transmission for connecting any USB storage device or smartphone for transferring data.