• $31.10

SeniTurn Wearable Safety Bike Indicator Lights By Firebox

Cycling is fun, good for you, and every-so-often terrifying. Drivers don’t seem to give a sh*t about you and pedestrians are too absorbed by their phones to notice you swerving round them. Make your journey wheely safe with Seniturn, the safety indicator for your hands. 

This simple light system securely and unobtrusively straps to the back of your hand – you won’t even notice it’s there. When you put your hand out to let others know that you’re turning, the indicator automatically starts flashing. Practically magic, tbh. 

With one easy button and fully customisable size adjustments, you’re able to fully concentrate on the road – no fiddling required. Easily swap between indicator mode, hazard light for low visibility situations, and SOS warning light, to flag down help if you need it.