• $38.00

Musvalk A little knife made from advanced ceramics, titanium and carbon fiber

This blade is small and compact yet fierce making it perfect for your everyday carry. Translating to “falcon” in Dutch, the Musvalk is versatile and strong. It features a carbon fiber handle with custom anodized titanium hardware. In addition, it has a zirconia ceramic blade with an optional titanium nitride coating. The blade secures into the carbon fiber cap. Finally, the entire Musvalk Knife attaches to a highly useful 1/8-inch Paracord cable. This material has a tensile strength of 425 lbs. Hung around your neck or attached to your gear, your knife is always within reach. In addition, these modern materials make the Musvalk durable yet it remains entirely lightweight. It takes inspiration from the Lockheed F117 Nighthawk fighter jet. With this, the Musvalk has a stealth design to blend in with the rest of your gear.