• $39

Urbanoider Stainless Steel EDC compact knife

A sophisticated technological and mechanic device. Created specifically for urban residents and travelers. It is made of 14 metal elements. A lot of trendy stuff. Offering an OTF mechanical inside, Urbanoider also comes with a money clip and built-in mini owl. Incredibly compact and legal, the knife is entirely stainless and pocket-friendly. There are two basic models available including the Urbanoider Chrome and Urbanoider Damascus. Both models have a blade length of 1.4 inches and a handle length of 2 inches. Likewise, the blade thickness is 3 mm. Made of steel, Urbanoider allows you to sharpen pencils and other objects without having to sharpen the blade. Aside from exceptional cutting properties, the steel D2 is also resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the body uses 420 steel, which is strongly resistant to scratches. The fully stainless mechanism is inside the completely stainless body, making it immune to moisture and dust.