• $65.79

Orient Kitchen Knives The Damascus Series Chef Knife Set

Orient Knives have set out to make the ultimate set of elite chef’s knives made from Japanese steel with advanced ergonomics for flawless slicing and dicing. Beyond sharp, beyond strong and beautifully made by hand. A complete range for every chefs task. The Damascus Series features an incredible 33 layers of SUS410 steel on each side to protect the AUS-10 steel at the core. This produces a super sharp edge. The steel also goes the entire length of the knife for an ideal balance. In addition, the Ergo-Grip handle is custom designed to take on a western ergonomic design. It’s complete with military G10 for robust durability. Plus, it’s perfectly weighted and counterbalanced for a safer experience. Finally, the knives come with tapered bolster for a professional pinch grip position. The Damascus Series is a complete full collection of knives and includes a bread knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, paring knife, santoku, and more.