• $49.40

MAGRIG Thunderbolt 3 Magnetic USB-C Adapter for Macs & iPad Pro

Magrig Adapter — Thunderbolt 3 magnetic USB-C adapter for your Macs, iPad Pro and other Thunderbolt 3-enabled devices. Not only does it brings back the MagSafe feature that Apple discontinued, but by adding Thunderbolt 3 it far exceeds the original MagSafe.

Magrig Adapter consists of two parts — the magnetic USB-C male tip and the magnetic USB-C female adapter — which is an ideal combination of magnetic connection and Thunderbolt 3. The detachable magnetic tip easily fits virtually any USB-C device. To connect, simply snap the cable with the magnetic adapter to the magnetic receiver tip. It also effortlessly and safely disconnects when the cable is pulled away from the adapter, just like MagSafe. Magrig Adapter offers an elegant magnetic connection with state-of-the-art speed and versatility.