• $23.99

OneMore Magnetic USB C Adapter, 20 Pins, Type C Connector

Got a new MacBook but it doesn’t have MagSafe? Guess what? This OneMore Magnetic USB C Adapter does exactly the same! Easy to plug in in either direction and simple to unplug! Instant cut off keeps your USB-C device safe and sound. No more fear for others’ tripping over your MacBook cable!

Unlike other adapters, Onemore offers not only an L-type but also a square-type that looks more like the MagSafe. Both types are built with 20 pins and an LED light to indicate the connection!

Charge and transfer your data at the same time without having to tolerate a lower speed! Supports charging up to 100W, data transfer at 10 GB p/s and video output at 4K@ 60Hz! Level up your working efficiency with this small yet powerful gadget!

Compatible with Any USB-C devices such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Mac Pro, Nintendo Switch..etc.