• $349.99

Anker Powerhouse 200 Portable Rechargeable Generator for Fast Charging, Camping, Emergencies, CPAP

Anker Powerhouse 200 Portable Rechargeable Generator is your dream device. The small generator comes with four types of outlets: USB, USB-C, AC, and a twelve-volt car outlet. Its high-capacity battery can charge your smartphone over twelve times or your laptop over five. On top of this, the device is chargeable via solar power. This means you can power your devices all day, whether you’re hiking or on the beach. It’s also small enough to carry with one hand, so you won’t have to plug some giant generator with you on your next camping trip. So plug a mini-fridge into it while also charging your phone. Use it for your sleep apnea mask. Charge a fleet of Juuls. With both recreational and emergency functions, this portable charger is the smart way to power all of your devices.