• $139

Pongo Camping Sleeping Pad For A Well-Deserved Rest

At three inches thick, the Pongo camping sleeping pad provides excellent cushion for sleep, whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or somewhere in between. The spot welded baffles create an egg crate style of surface, that reduces pressure points and low spots while hammock camping and when sleeping on the ground.

Pongo pad is extra roomy, designed for tall sleepers to stretch out and spread their toes. Wider and longer than traditional sleeping pads, the Pongo allows campers to sprawl out in any direction. A tapered design reduces weight for thru-hikers, and provides more wiggle room at the shoulders. An air to ground pad, the Pongo was designed for hammock campers and ground dwellers alike.

The Pongo’s tapered design is specialized for hammock camping, pushing the hammock fabric out for more livable room and adding stability for the flattest lay. Sticky silicone footprints on the backside, paired with the hammock accessory kit, keep the hammock pad at an optimal angle and prevent unwanted sliding throughout the night.