• $155.62

Subwing Towable Watersports Board for Boats Experience the Unique Thrill of Flying Through the Water

The award-winning Subwing board will take you on a fun and thrilling underwater flight you’ll never forget! Feel what it’s like to be a dolphin, effortlessly gliding through a world of rich marine life. Perform impressive tricks you can master in minutes, take a group flight with your friends and loved ones, or simply relax on the surface for a calming, enjoyable ride.

The Subwing comes with two wings that rotate on a common axis. Just the way rudders work on a plane, or fins work on fishes, the wings on the Subwing allow you to move upwards, downwards, and spin pirouettes endlessly inside the water like some sort of real-life underwater Temple Run! Why surf above the water when you can glide inside it! It’s almost beach season, so you may want to pick up your Subwing now!