• $18

Stubl: The First Blade for the Perfect Stubble Shave. by Blake Squires

Stubl is a traditional razor with a proprietary cap for everyday stubble maintenance and the first of its kind.

Stubl is a fully integrated razor featuring a handle and replaceable blade men will find familiar. What makes Stubl unique is a proprietary cap design that is available in three different gauges (.45mm, .85mm and 1.25mm) depending on your desired length of shave.

The cap raises the blade from your skin resulting in a perfect stubble shave every time. Compared to close shaving, everyday Stubl maintenance is easier and takes a lot less time. Also, you can unplug and take Stubl with you anywhere. It’s compact and travel ready.

Stubl is a welcomed answer to man’s quest for the perfect base (stubble) shave.