• $89.95

ZINC Adjustable Blade Shaving Razor For Shaving Trimming Styling

ZINC razor encompasses a contemporary sleek design and ergonomic innovation, it truly stands out from the rest.Made by quality zinc alloy, ZINC feels solid and weighty in your hand, because you are in control of your own style and destiny.If you are looking for a consistent, smooth and stylish shave, ZINC is your finest choice.

No tools are needed. Simply push the blade off and adjust it to one of the 3 lengths (0 mm, 1.1 mm, 2.4 mm) for a precise shave. You won’t need to touch any blade during the process.

The blades are designed to repel dirt, oil and impurities that might lead to irritation. The stainless steel and the special coating ensures an extended usage, while it can easily be cleaned under running water.

ZINC is made of high quality zinc alloy, achieving the perfect balance between function and form, featuring also an easy cleaning, stainless steel blades and a smooth texture. The weight of ZINC RAZOR has been designed and balanced to provide a sense of confidence and responsibility to the user.