• $2490

Series 38 – The Luxury Wallet Of The Future

Success is the sum of details, as the American businessman, Harvey S. Firestone, once famously said. With their newest addition to the family of premium accessories, Solloshi set out again to create something truly unique.

Assembled from 12 pieces of CNC machined precision parts, the Series 38 luxury card case is a fusion of two worlds: the best design practices that reduce weight while maintaining rigidity are combined with smart solutions to provide true protection for your cards. The magnetic hinge with its signature clink sound allows the cards easy, elegant and scratch-free access in and out of the case. The rubber band that holds the cards in place also acts as an anti-slip surface for the case when placed on a smooth surface.

Thanks to the many hours they spent designing this case and due to the precision manufacturing which involves 30 hours of CNC machining followed by 8 hours of hand finishing, these cases are unique pieces of jewelry that fit well in the back pocket of your jeans or in the inside pocket of your tuxedo. The Series 38 card holder is a design statement and a lifetime companion.