• $99

Dango P02 Pioneer Large Travel Wallet

The P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is the first of its kind. Continuing the “Pioneer” legacy, the P02 is made for travelers of the world with on-the-go practicality, industrial design twist and Dango styling.   

Unique User Experience – strap or strapless:

A perfect and versatile companion for your travel needs, the convertible P02 allows you to carry it like a traditional wallet or discreetly strap it to your body with the included adjustable shoulder strap. The Strap can quickly clip on and off of its attach points. The attach points can also be used to tether the P02 to your belt or backpack. The idea is to keep your important documents close and secure. 

Ample RFID Protected Storage:

The P02 Travel Wallet is RFID protected and has ample storage for your important travel items such as passport(s), cash, checkbooks, keys and cards, and allows easy access to them. It can even fit a smart phone (maximum size of 145mm x 72mm)! 

Unique Pen Accessibility: 

The P02 also holds a pen and notebook – It perfectly fits the Dango Pen which is sold separate but is a bundled option on our launch (and comes with either a silver or black pen). The P02’s unique “through-hole” design allows you to access your pen either from outside of the wallet, or inside of the wallet while reviewing your documents. In addition, a sleek water resistant pocket is present in the front for small items such as loose change.

Included Multitool:

To securely enclose the wallet, the MT01 Clasp tool is included which is equipped with 5 functions: A chisel, a bottle opener, a 1/4″ hex socket, a flat head screw driver and a Phillips screw driver. 


The P02 is made of our durable and water resistant DTEX material which gives a premium, tactile feel. The shoulder strap is made of a robust, 20mm nylon webbing that feels like a car seat belt for not only durability but also comfort. 

Perfect Size – Bigger but not too big:

The P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is 11cm x 17cm (about 4.25″ x 6.5″) – smaller than a folio but bigger than a standard wallet. We have tested and designed the wallet to fit most standard pant pockets.