• $19.99

Neo Noir Collection SteelSeries

This limited edition collection combines the energy of the CS:GO Neo Noir skin with the reliability of SteelSeries tournament-grade products.

  • Prime: Neo Noir Edition
  • Limited edition, lightweight mouse that offers lag-free, crispy click-laden gaming and features the chaotic energy of the Neo Noir CS:GO skin.
  • QcK Prism XL: Neo Noir Edition
  • Limited edition RGB mousepad emblazoned with the hypnotic Neo Noir design to keep you covered, no matter how large your gaming area.
  • Arctis Pro Speaker Plates: Neo Noir Edition
  • Limited edition speaker plates rocking the vibrant Neo Noir design, sure to turn heads.
  • QcK L: Neo Noir Edition
  • Limited edition mousepad emblazoned with the eye-catching Neo Noir design to add some flair between your gaming PC and chair.