• $129.95

Mercury M1 Pro gaming mouse by Gravastar has a hollow design

Add style and airflow to your battle station with the Gravastar Mercury M1 Pro gaming mouse. It has a unique look.

  • Unique hollow design: This gaming mouse has a striking hollowed-out design. Not only does it look cool, but it also brings a steady flow of air to your grip.
  • A comfortable build: Meanwhile, the M1 Pro flaunts a comfortable design. It cradles your hand, making every movement natural and precise.
  • Smooth tracking: With the highly sensitive PAW3395 sensor, this mouse has smooth, accurate tracking.
  • Programmable Buttons: Meanwhile, you can customize your gameplay with the 5 programmable buttons. Reconfigure the button layouts, assign macros, and modify the mouse.
  • 5 RGB light modes: Set the mood for gaming with the customizable GLOWSYNC RGB lighting.