• $329

GrovPure Aspen hepa air purifier for large rooms up to 1000 square feet to keep your air clean, safe, and healthy

The GrovPure Aspen H13 HEPA UVC Germicidal Air Purifier is a revolutionary air purification machine that offers class-leading air purification, elegant design, and intuitive operation to keep your air clean, safe, and healthy.This powerful air purifier features a true H13 HEPA filter that provides medical-grade filtration, eliminating 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.21 microns. This filtration partners with a UVC LED that operates at a 254nm wavelength, clinically shown to kill airborne microbes and viruses.


The air purifier features an energy-efficient automatic mode that utilizes both a laser particulate sensor and a volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor to analyze air quality and clean the surrounding environment.This machine features 3 stages of filtration: The nylon pre-filter captures large particles like animal fur and lint, the activated carbon filter absorbs odors and volatile organic compounds, and the true H3 HEPA filter traps allergens and other fine particles.Keep your air clear in your home, office, school, or clinic. Upgrade your air today and breathe easier with the Grovpure Aspen H13 HEPA UVC Germicidal Air Purifier.