• $39.00

VentiFresh – Portable Maintenance-Free Air Purifier

VentiFresh is a high-tech odor eliminator, ten times more effective than baking soda. No maintenance required, no filter to change, just plug and play. It gets rid of bad odors without the harsh chemicals. Place it anywhere – trash cans, gym lockers, fridge, diaper bag, shoe closet, and more. Your nose will thank you! It is the first compact and discrete solution to rid odors in the small spaces of your household storage without masking chemicals or dirty filters. Never worry about replacing baking soda tablets every week because VentiFresh is completely maintenance free. Inspired by the same type of technology NASA adopted to purify air and water on the space station, VentiFresh uses science to kill odors. VentiFresh takes only seconds to install, and you can use it anywhere you need it. Powered by a USB adapter or power bank, it works by plugging in the power as you would recharging a mobile phone. Place it in the lid of your trash can, inside a locker, drawer, or shoe closet, and enjoy a feel-good living environment that would make your nose truly happy!