• $59.95

Chill Systems Chill Vibes Chiller Portable Eco-Friendly Beer & Wine Cooler

CHILL ALL YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS: The Chiller can best be described as a portable beverage refrigerator. It’s built with freezing gel inside its walls – simply freeze the Chiller overnight and it becomes an icy chamber that chills round after round of beer, wine, spirits, and more!

VERSATILE DESIGN: The Chiller’s dual-entry design allows you to chill three 12oz cans / bottles or one 750ml to 1000ml wine or spirits bottle at a time. The beauty then lies in its cycling – every 30 minutes you can enjoy a freshly chilled round of drinks, and insert another round for chilling.

EASY TO CARRY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: It’s a compact refrigerator that conveniently provides a day’s worth of ice cold drinks. All while being easily transportable anywhere your adventures may take you, and without the need to buy ice or lug around a bulky cooler. Cheers to that!

LONG LASTING: The Chiller will stay cold for 6 hours by itself in normal outdoor conditions, but can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours when used inside our Chiller’s Pack or Chiller’s Tote bags (sold separately).