• $20.00

Griffin Mini Pocket Multi-Tool By Gallantry

Just as the fabled griffin is a hybrid of two of the world’s most feared predators, the Coyote Mountain Outdoor Griffin Mini Pocket Multi-Tool is an amalgam of the best parts of your average toolbox. Unlike the mythological beast, this multitool is not limited to the benefits of only two parts; it incorporates parts of over 9 different tools – including a bottle opener, a 1/4″ bit driver, 2 sizes of hex driver, a pry bar, a flathead screwdriver, a 5/16″ hex wrench, a scoring tool, and a pocket clip.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 1/4″ and 11/32″ hex driver
  • Pry bar/flathead screwdriver
  • 5/16″ hex wrench
  • Scoring tool
  • Bottle opener/0.25″ bit driver
  • Pocket clip
  • 0.5oz
  • 3″ L x 0.6″ W x 0.2″ D