dog tag with a fully concealed pocket knife will be your faithful EDC companion

Fitting comfortably into the form factor of a dog-tag, the B2 blade from the guys at Bomber & Company literally hangs in its tag-shaped sheathe around your neck. The Nano-blade pocket knife remains fully concealed within the dog-tag shaped pendant and its lightweight, compact design makes it the perfect EDC because of its ability to be both a useful product and a fashion accessory.

The tiny sheepsfoot-style blade hides within its matte black metal casing, and can easily be deployed by unsheathing it and clipping it back into its holder with the blade facing outwards. When out, the small blade becomes a really handy piece of gear both indoors and outdoors. The 1 inch blade can do everything from cutting boxes to whittling wood and slicing through paracords. Its 440Carbon Black Stainless Steel makes it incredibly hard, measuring 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale… but weighing less than 2 ounces, giving it the distinction of being the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440Carbon black stainless steel tactical pocket knife.

The B2 embodies the true spirit of an EDC. Designed as less of a tool and more of a functional ornament, you can wear the B2 anywhere, pairing it with your clothes as a fashion accessory that holds the ability to discreetly transform into a useful tool to get out of fixes. Whether you use it to open envelopes or cut through wood, the B2 is that reliable, faithful EDC that’s always there to help… partly because it’s so portable and handy, but also in part that it comes with a lifetime warranty and should easily be your trusty sidekick for decades!