• $199.00

Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System from Tao Clean


  • AURA CLEAN TOOTHBRUSH – The Aura Clean Toothbrush features modern sonic technology that delivers up to 40,000 strokes per minute, with vibrations that safely remove food particles and polish your pearly whites. A 2 minute timer ensures the dentist recommended brushing time and features 30 second interval alerts letting you know to change brushing zones. Advanced electronic controls give you the option of 2 modes: Professional and sensitive.
  • CLEANING MODE – The clever design of the Aura Clean Base Station cleans and protects your toothbrush from environmental pollutants and germs. Cleaning takes place within the Base Station core, with the advanced Aura Clean Halo, a circular UV lamp featuring a 360 degree light source that zaps germs in an instant. The lamp’s UV-C rays destroy the DNA of pathogens keeping your brush fresh and ready to give you a truly deep clean.
  • DRYING MODE – A common flaw of ordinary UV sanitizing systems is that the brush bristles remain wet after use. The intense UV-C rays are basically useless if the brush remains damp. To combat this problem, Tao Clean has implemented a Drying Mode that drives water away from the brush, keeping any germs from setting up camp in between your bristles.
  • CHARGING MODE – Your brand new Aura Clean Brush Handle should come with enough charge for one full use, but afterwards the battery will need to be charged for a full 24 hours. Simply place the Brush Handle in the plugged-in Base Station and it will automatically begin to charge, while simultaneously starting the cleaning and drying cycles.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – Base Station measures 6″ x 5″, Brush Handle measures 7.5″