• $119.00

BAENDIT Unshakeable Flexible Modular Sunglasses

Never let the sun stand in the way of fun with the Unshakeable Flexible Modular Sunglasses by Bændit. This fashionable sunnies conform to the shape of your head to always stay in place. They’re perfect for the beach, the boat, and everywhere in between. The temples of the Unshakeable Sunglasses can fit loosely or mold to your head. No matter how you move, the Unshakeable Sunglasses won’t budge. This collection of Bændit Sunglasses also has another feature to suit your everyday: they’re modular. With five interchangeable elements in each pair, you can change your look as often as you want. You can add your personal touch to everything from the temples to the bridge. Finally, the flexible temples make the Unshakeable Sunglasses a breeze to store. Wrap them around your wrist, fold them down to a compact size, or even attach them to your belt loop – the possibilities are endless.