• $10

Dual Function iPhone® case with Kid Mode® Say Hello to The World’s Best Case for Parents

Dual Function iPhone case with Kid Mode®. In Kid Mode®, the home button can be blocked, keeping your child on the app you want.

You can now control the app your kids use on a smartphone with this flippable iPhone and iPad case cover. This is a dual function case with Kid Mode for iPhone 6/6s and iPad Air 1 & 2.  Kid Mode is their patented functionality where the bottom of the new case is removed, flipped and reattached in a way that covers your iPad or iPhone’s home button, thus keeping your little ones from switching out of the app you’d like to keep them in. That makes the case a really useful product for parents who are willing to take control on what their kids view online from their smartphones. You can’t keep them away from the digital world but you can ofcourse block them from seeing or coming across things that aren’t meant for them. The design is pretty sleek and durable so that you are able to carry it in your pockets and use it on your phones whenever necessary. All in all, a very useful product for the new age parents!

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