• $999.00

Maingear R1 Razer Edition Desktop Computer

The R1 | RAZER Edition is built by gamers, tested by gamers, and supported by gamers. Take your gaming to a whole new level. Each machine is assembled by hand in New Jersey, so you get the best craftsmanship. The R1 runs your favorite titles smoothly at 4K resolution, with crisp detail. You can also hook up your VR headset for full immersion. You can choose from the best gaming components available, and the Razer Edition can support two graphics cards from NVIDIA® and AMD®, along with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors and you can easily upgrade everything else. Get the most out of your system by going REDLINE! The overclocking service allows you to gain even power from the system by safely pushing the limits on the CPUs and GPUs to their maximum potentials. REDLINE is made possible by our excellent liquid cooling and Intelligent Airflow Control. The fans’ speed is directly adjusted according to the system temperature, dynamically adapting to the system performance level and heat generation, reducing unnecessary noise in the process, making it one of the most silent gaming PCs on the market.