• $79.00

1st Fitness Tracker to Combine Tradition & Design

Introducing the Tushi Pal Continuous HR Fitness Tracker. The first of its kind, this wearable implements innovative technology to give you the most updated information about your body. Tushi Pal is able to monitor your heart rate around the clock as well as your daily activity and exercises. In addition to all of this, Tushi Pal tracks your sleep and can notify you to calls and messages. Tushi Pal simplifies your day by also sensing gestures for controls and it functions as a remote photo capture. Lastly, Tushi Pal HR Fitness Tracker looks great on your wrist and goes with any style. Each wristband comes with a one of a kind woven case that is handcrafted by skilled Mayan artisans. So, not only are you helping your health, you’re giving back to the world with every step.