• $399

Roav Dashtop Dashtop Computer

The Roav Dashtop is an independent computer that connects to your car and phone. It uses an innovative head-up display to put navigation, communication and trip analysis where you can see it without taking your eyes off the road. It also syncs with the Roav Smart Driving System, which can be expanded with cameras, sensors, and driver-friendly apps.

The Roav Dashtop head-up display is designed to bounce images off a curved screen, so that they appear in front of your windshield on the road ahead.

With an interface that connects to Android and Apple phones, it’s the best way to conveniently access your smartphone’s notifications and features.

The Dashtop is just the beginning. New apps and accessories are on the horizon—like dashcams and ADAS sensors. Now, extending the functionality of your car and Dashtop is easier than you imagined.