• $39.95

Avvio Level Dimmable Cool White LED Desk Lamp with Touch, Date, Temperature, & Alarm

Does a dim ambiance leave your eyes straining and tired at work? An LED lamp is an excellent way to illuminate your workspace. The rich chocolate brown and black of this lamp have a professional, business look, making the lamp an elegant accessory that is also very useful. The clean and flexible lines of the lamp give it a modern look, while the visible bulb encourage an industrial feeling.

Features on this lamp increase its functionality, making it an excellent addition to your desk. An LCD screen hosts a clock which features the date, time and temperature, helping you to be prepared throughout the day. The clock also bossts of an alarm, with a snooze option that can be utilized if necessary. Light can be directed with simple angle modification with a flexible and pivoting head. The lamp also has a high sensitivity dimmer, and features three levels of brightness. The dimmer allows for easy one-touch adjustment. Many of these features are not available on standard lamps, yet are exceptionally helpful on a desk lamp, especially in an office setting.

While the lamp has many features that increase its appeal in a business setting, it also has the benefit of using LED bulbs. Compared to standard light bulbs, these long lasting LED bulbs are ecologically friendly. These bulbs use considerably less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and have a much longer lifespan. LED lights are both cost and energy efficient. While smaller than an incandescent bulb, these powerful bulbs generate more light while creating less heat and using less energy.

Benefits and Features:

● LED bulbs conserve nearly 80% energy over standard bulbs

● LED bulbs last over 30,000 hours, making them energy and cost efficient

● The clock features an alarm option with a snooze for additional convenience

● Direct light with simple angle modification with a flexible neck

● The time, date and temperature are displayed on an LCD screen to help keep you notified

● Enjoy 3 levels of brightness

● High sensitivity dimmer allows for one-touch brightness adjustment

Your search for a new office lamp is over. The features and benefits of this lamp means it goes above and beyond many of the requirements people have when shopping for a new desk lamp. End your trouble with tired and achy eyes by purchasing a lamp that allows for the adjustment of light levels. Whether you need a lamp for your home business or traditional office, this LED desk lamp will add elegance, functionality and flexibility while illuminating your workspace.