• $229

Perseus: The World’s Smartest Mirror

Our hands-free smart mirror keeps you connected, in control, and confident every morning. And makes you ridiculously good looking.

Perseus is the world’s smartest mirror that has been loaded with features to help you take back control of your ‘getting ready’ experience. Whether beauty, basketball or Beyonce is your thing, this mirror is about to make those groggy 7 AM wake-ups more fun than they’ve ever been. With the video streaming feature, you can stream your favorite videos from YouTube while doing your make-up. The companion app will help you customize the mirror based on your preference. So even if you want to see the weather beside the text messages, it’s completely your choice. Not only this, you can also take selfies or a 360-degree view of your outfit with the help of the HD camera. From traffic delays to virtual jewelry and accessories suggestions, this is nothing less than a magic mirror for your life!