• $150

Beastcage camera cage for iPhone 15 Pro Max from Beastgrip

Introducing the most advanced camera cage for iPhone 15 Pro Max photography and filmmaking offering a precise fit with quick setup. Simply insert your iPhone into the cage, close it shut and you’re ready to start shooting. The quick-lock cover securely attaches and detaches your iPhone within seconds and switching between different lens mount plates is a breeze thanks to our quick-release mount. Create your perfect smartphone filmmaking rig by adding your favorite lenses from Beastgrip, Moment, Sandmarc, and other brands.

Enhance your filmmaking experience by attaching your favorite microphone, LED light or improve your grip with the Beastgrip handles. The oversized cutout on the bottom exposes the speakers and provides easy access to your phone’s charging port for hassle-free charging and connecting accessories.

Made from durable machined anodized aluminum this cage is strong, long-lasting, and capable of supporting even the heaviest rig setups. Mechanical buttons provide convenient access to power and volume controls and you can easily access the screen for managing phone calls and texts without removing your device from the cage.

Elevate your filmmaking with the most advanced and user-friendly iPhone cage on the market.