• $179.99

HyperX Audio Mixer for streamers allows fine-tuned control

The HyperX Audio Mixer is built for streamers and creators who want fine-tuned control of their audio sources. It’s a simple solution for mixing up to three audio sources: an XLR microphone input, a 3.5mm microphone input, and a stereo 3.5mm line input. This compact USB 3-track mixer features simple, intuitive controls so you won’t bring your recording to an abrupt halt as you attempt to figure out a bunch of frustrating buttons. With 3 faders and individual volume knobs for line and headphone outputs, you can easily find your perfect balance of mic, voice chat, and game audio. With support for 24-bit/96kHz recording and support for the HyperX ProCast and most other XLR mics, you’ll get professional-quality sound from your recordings.