• $2887

You and Me Isola King Bed

You and Me Isola by Italian maker Ivano Redaelli is the double bed that evolves according to your needs and redesigns the concept of space itself.

Boasting a strong personality and evocative looks, this bed is complete with a horizontal surface serving as a handy shelf. You will be able to place the mattress in the most convenient spot for your needs, in order to make the most of the horizontal surface around you. Even better than having bedside tables!

You can create two shelves at both sides of the bed for your book, reading glasses or bedside lamp. Otherwise, you can push the mattress to one side in order to create a larger flat area where your laptop can rest. Why not use this handy space for a romantic breakfast or brunch in bed? This way, you won’t have to worry about spilling coffee on the bed or leaving crumbles all around.

This bed provides you with an endless potential for personalisation. You can choose the arrangement day by day, according to the way you feel and to your needs.