Razer Project Hazel N95 smart mask

Razer is on a mission to create the world’s smartest mask with the Razer Project Hazel. This intelligent smart mask concept has a surgical N95 respirator, known for its high filtration efficiency. It also has a high resistance to fluids and protects users against large droplets and even splashes. And with a detachable ventilator, users can regulate airflow and filter at least 95% of airborne particles. Moreover, the charging case is lined with a UV light interior to zap bacteria and viruses while the mask charges. Furthermore, this mask keeps you social with its transparent design that lets others see your facial cues. Also, thanks to a built-in mic and amplifier, the Razer Project Hazel keeps your speech clear. Finally, this new normal gadget is also packed with Razer Chroma RGB to add that extra flair.