• $33

Cheerble Board Game A New 3-in-1 Board Game for Playful Cats Keep your cat happy when you’re away

Designed to constantly pique a cat’s curiosity, the Cheerble is a board-and-ball combination that is to cats what pinball is to humans. It features a hyperactive vibrating ball that darts around a board, while your cat constantly follows it as a predator follows its prey. At the heart of the Cheerble board game is its ball, a durable ping-pong ball-shaped device with a synthetic fiber coating that almost looks like an abstract mouse. The ball, with built-in motors and lights, can be set to one of three active settings, causing it to dart around chaotically, grabbing a cat’s attention in the process. The Cheerble ball comes made from durable PolyCarbonate plastic, which is more than tough enough to take on bounces, drops, and occasional scratching and chewing by the cat.