• $89.99

LTC LK-301 Nimbleback Bluetooth Low Profile Switch Keyboard

With portable and low profile styling design, this LTC keyboard is very lightweight and easy to carry. The quiet low profile switch brings a new level of comfort to your fingertips. No matter in the office, library or even in your bedroom, it will not disturb the others around. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, the LTC keyboard can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Easy to switch to a wired connection with a type-c cable. Enjoy the freedom of being wireless while still not compromising performance by going wired. Bright white LED-backlit makes it easy to type even in a dark room, ideal for studio work, office. There are additional RGB lighting zones on the left and right sides which make it so special different from the most keyboards. All lighting effects can be turned off completely if you don’t need it. The core of a wireless keyboard is the battery, LTC keyboard is equipped with an upgraded 1000mAh battery satisfies you more than just the basics of everyday use.