• $449

Haier TAB Tangle Free Robot Mop & Vacuum 2-in-1 Automatic Haircutting

Are you still wasting time on cleaning a household? Who doesn’t like a self-cleaning house where you needn’t lift a finger to sweep and mop your floor? Save your valuable time and clean your entire room effortlessly with HaierTAB Tabot.

Long hair and pet hair are always the mortal enemies of robot vacuum cleaners. The anti-winding blade brush roll delivers non-stop hair removal for hassle-free cleaning. Finally, you can be worry-free from removing hair wrapped around the brush roll.

The ultra-strong 3200Pa suction power of HaierTAB Tabot is powerful enough to lift steel balls, easily lift dirt off hardwood floors, deep clean carpets to remove hair and get rid of dust mites. HaierTAB is possibly the best robot vacuum at sucking up dirt, debris, crumbs and hair after your pets and kids.