• $2000

Gogoro VIVA Ultralight Smart Scooter Live Bigger Ride Smaller

The Gogoro VIVA Ultralight Smart Scooter is the ideal mode of transportation for urbanites. Weighing just 80 kilograms, or 176 pounds, this commuting scooter is easier to handle than many others. While you may not be able to lift that weight straight up from the ground, this urban scooter is light enough to more easily maneuver into the perfect parking space. Gogoro was able to achieve this lightweight scooter by making the front as narrow as possible. Because of this, you’ll feel part of the outdoor environment rather than boxed in. This commuting scooter has a classic design as it blends capsule headlights with fun, 70s-inspired colors. However, it truly is a smartscooter, as it’s dubbed by Gogoro itself. With its built-in smart keycard, this scooter starts up with just a single touch. Plus, the iQ system ensures it’s always getting smarter, which you’ll notice on the connected Gogoro app.