• $419.99

Look Deeper With Insta360 EVO Foldable 3D Camera

Look Deeper With Insta360 EVO Foldable 3D Camera, EVO has eyes that see just like yours. Capture any experience in true-to-life depth and then relive it in immersive detail. You can Fold up EVO and capture every direction at once. For moments that matter, every angle counts. Pop HoloFrame onto your phone and watch as your 3D content jumps to life — no glasses needed. It’s simple, mind-blowing and feels like magic. EVO is built to move. FlowState Stabilization keeps your video shake-free so you can capture footage that’s smooth, steady and headset-ready. EVO’s high dynamic range keeps your moment natural and vibrant in every direction. Be it a sunset in paradise or a walk in the woods. Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse. All in the app.