• $249.50

Smartbeat Video Baby Monitor with Breath Detection

Smartbeat tracks your baby’s breathing with such precision that you can see the depth and duration of each individual breath.

Smartbeat is so precise that it is able to report your baby’s breathing rate, giving you a window into your child’s overall well being. No more wondering if your baby is sick. A normal breathing rate means that your baby is in overall good health. Oncoming sickness or discomfort will cause the breathing rate to jump by 25% to 50%, often before any other symptoms appear. If the sleeping breathing rate is normal, all that drool is just part of the package.

Smartbeat analyzes by sight with no electronics in the crib or on your baby, as outlined by the safe sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Just put baby in the crib and tap the app to begin monitoring. It’s that easy.

Smartbeat’s base station ensures that monitoring continues even if the internet connection slows or stops. (With many internet providers throttling bandwidth in the middle of the night, this feature is more important than many families realize).