• $67

Vegetable tanned leather camera strap by Kruk Garage

When you want a functional camera strap but do not wish to settle for the standard nylon type, this leather camera strap will be your good option. Expertly constructed by hand using high quality materials and time-tested, artisanal techniques, this genuine leather strap looks great with both retro and modern cameras.

Vegetable-tanned in black and brown colours, the strap is 116 cm long. The non-slip leather, which ages well and will soften over time, feels good against the skin. The metal buckles on both sides serve two purposes – to allow adjustment to your required length, as well as hold the attachments to the camera in place. The widths are different in the top and bottom sections. Nearer to the camera, the straps are 1 cm wide so that they can easily pass through the loops on the camera. For comfort and strength, the strap around the neck is thicker and measures 3 cm wide.