• $79

Swift One USB-C PD Fast-Charging 20100mAh Capacity Power Bank

Swift One can power a huge range of phones, tablets, MacBooks, wearables, and more, with the versatility that lets you mix and match to fit your needs. Each port designed for specific device types but with the flexibility to be used as needed. USB-C Power Delivery is the most cutting-edge fast-charging standard. Built for speed, this port charges your MacBook, tablet, smartphone, and more in times that were previously impossible. The 30W port can charge an iPhone 8  up to 3 times faster than its own charger, and a Nintendo Switch at full speed. The quickest way to charge countless smartphones. Up to 4X faster than their own chargers. Wait less and do more. Swift One lets you join the limitless. All the power you need, on the go, in one handy device.