• $159.00

ProBASE HD Aluminum USB Type-C Multifunctional Stand for 2016/2017 MacBook Pro 13” and 15”

Now you can connect all USB devices, 4K HDMI monitor and charge your MacBook Pro with only “one” USB Type-C Port. ProBASE HD provides one 4K HDMI port, USB-C DATA, 3 USB3.0 ports and Pass-Through Charging for your MacBook Pro. Sleek and sturdy, perfectly fit your minimalist style. The metallic silver finish is the perfect match for your MacBook Pro. Use the HDMI port to output high-resolution video to your 4K monitor screens. Simply, connect a HDMI cable from the bottom of ProBASE to your external 4K monitor to view crystal-clear display. With power plugged in, all USB ports support charging even when your computer is not around or not turned on. ProBASE also features larger current supply than most of the dongles in the market to charge your device. It’s time to tidy up your work space. Put your most frequently used items such as FlashDrive, external HDDs, memory cards and some little stationery within convenient reach. When you are using the new MacBook Pro, you probably need to connect many devices at the same time, such as power cable, HDMI, a flash drive, and a hard drive for backup or Time Machine. ProBASE can maximize your productivity by a simple connection to one USB Type-C port of your MacBook Pro.