• $234.00

Wästberg Ile W153M1 Lamp By Inga Sempé WallpaperSTORE

Created by prolific French designer Inga Sempé for Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg, the drum kit-shaped Île w153m1 white clip lamp works just as well as a freestanding piece, fixed to a wall, or attached to your shelf, desk or table. Made of aluminum, Size: Height 19mm, Diameter 160mm. At the top is a large disc to conceal the light source underneath. This rotating disc gives you the option to direct the light in any direction you see fit. In addition, the disc also disperses the light beautifully in 180 degrees to truly light up your space. However, you can also play with the light and direction to accommodate just how much light you need. The w153m1 Lamp can also work in two ways. Of course, you can easily rest it on any surface with the base. Or, to preserve valuable office real estate, it also comes with a built-in clip to attach to your desk.