• $29.00

VASO Smart Aroma Diffuser with Wake up and Natural sounds

Allergies, stress, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, headaches, cannot sleep….Living in fast life, you may suffer from at least one of these troubles. Want a good relaxation? VASO Smart Aroma Diffuser  with Wake up and Natural sounds helps. A good relaxation means “simple” , perfect humidity, relaxing sounds, soothing light, fresh scent, and indescribable cozy atmosphere… Think about Yoga. And these are exactly what VASO will bring to you. Simply pour water into the device to begin diffusing thanks to the smart water sensor. Additionally, you have two options for misting, five natural sound types and volume control. Likewise, you can just add drops of your favorite essential oils. The VASO even automatically goes to sleep when water runs out. Furthermore, VASO automatically memorizes your most recent settings. Featuring a simple yet sleek design, you can also use VASO as a vase by adding flowers or branches. Finally, if you need to focus without distraction, just turn off the music to benefit from its natural white noise frequency.