• $3,299.00

Pulse 160 LED Jellyfish Aquarium with inbuilt LED lighting system

The striking Pulse 160 is a jellyfish aquarium. Its size means it can house a large variety of jellyfish species which look amazing under its inbuilt LED lighting system. This aquarium is perfect for commercial locations but its simple to maintain filtration system also makes it suitable for keeping jellyfish at home.

The aquarium incorporates an in built filter system which consists of a two stage particle filter and a wet/dry trickle filter. The low maintenance filter utilizes mechanical and biological filtration to maintain water at optimum levels for the aquariums occupants.

The internal filtration systems is enough for general use but the aquarium also has external connections giving you the flexibility to add to the system if needed. You can connect an external filter, chiller, inline heater or connect more than one aquarium to the same filter system via these connections.

The Pulse 160 jellyfish aquarium comes with connections allowing the use of external equipment. This means a chiller or in-line heater can be added for temperature control or an external filter can be added giving more options when making changes to the tanks water parameters.

The Pulse 160’s large size means it is suitable for most types of jellyfish. The tank has been proven to successfully keep various species including some of the more exotic jellyfish such as sea nettles and lions manes.