• $299.99

Scanning Using the 3D Capture Stage on Sprout by HP

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  • Place an object on the 3D Capture Stage. Hit scan. Watch it work. The turntable connects to Sprout’s 3D Capture app to automate a full 360-degree scan, so you can go grab a cup of coffee and your scan will be waiting for you when you get back.
  • Together with Sprout, the 3D Capture Stage helps you produce consistently amazing scans.
  • With 3D Capture stage you’re covered from all angles. The turntable was designed to maximize surface area coverage by automatically tilting 15-degrees as it rotates, making sure all aspects of your project are captured beautifully.
  • 360-degree rotation with a 15-degree tilt for maximum scan coverage.
  • Scan objects up to 4.4 lb. (2 kg) and up to 7.5 in (190 mm) tall