• $79.00

The Nix Mini Color Sensor Match to Paint Brands & Digital Values Instantly

The Nix Mini Color Sensor will revolutionize your color delivery process and provide you with instant color comparisons. Simply scan any color critical surface, save it to your smartphone or tablet Nix Apps, and match it to existing color libraries. You can Share colors with your customers and colleagues via social media or email.


  • Instantly match to 10,000+ brand name paints
  • Instantly match to RGB, HTML, CMYK and LAB colors
  • Sized at 1.5″ X 1.0″ the Nix Mini is smaller than a ping pong ball
  • Weighing a minuscule 0.6 ounces, the Nix Mini can travel on your keychain
  • Integrated high CRI white LEDs provide a consistent light source for every scan
  • Completely solid state technology means the Nix Mini is extremely durable
  • Every Nix Mini is factory calibrated for the ultimate color accuracy
  • Battery life of over 5,000 scans using the integrated rechargeable battery